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July 4, 2013
The new version of MultiStage Recovery is available for public download. The new version of the recovery software includes many bug fixes and improved support of Windows 8.

April 26, 2011
MultiStage Recovery 4.1 is available for download! New features include: multi-threading support for additional scan types, real-time preview, some additional improvements and bug fixes.

August 6, 2010
MultiStage Recovery now supports Windows 7.

Comprehensive location of all recoverable files
Support for all Windows file systems
Support for most digital storage devices
Ability to recover data from formatted partitions and files emptied from Recycle Bin
Built-in preview system


“With the cost of hard drive recovery services ranging from $600 to $7,000 to restore data with a wait of at least a week, more and more people are turning their heads to the so-called do-it-yourself recovery solutions like our MultiStage Recovery.

MultiStage Recovery will recover all recoverable files, saving you hundreds of dollars that would otherwise be spent on expensive in-lab recovery services. At $49.00, it’s a true bargain even if compared to the similar software for data recovery.”

Andrey Guscov, CTO of Enplase Research

MultiStage Recovery is a professional software solution for secure, fast and accurate file recovery. Launched in May 2006 to great acclaim and fast growing popularity, the program is the leading product of the Enplase Research company.

Although today’s MultiStage Recovery is an extremely reliable and powerful software product, it is still actively developed and updated. This ensures that all customers are provided with the most modern and effective file recovery and undelete solutions on the market.

With users from over 35 countries, MultiStage Recovery is used by:

  • Private users
  • Small and medium companies
  • Educational, military, medical, and government organizations
  • Large companies and international corporations

Due to the Enplase design and marketing capabilities, Multistage Recovery invariably remains a step ahead of all competitors, matching the best solutions to specific user requirements. Each client has access to modern software solutions and professional technical support.

We are open for any kind of co-operation, don't hesitite to contact us if you have some question or suggestion.

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