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Support for all Windows file systems
Support for most digital storage devices
Ability to recover data from formatted partitions and files emptied from Recycle Bin
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MultiStage Recovery: the unique data recovery tool - Costs Less, Recovers Better

Enplase Research has announced the immediate availability of MultiStage Recovery that will recover any file and back it up to a hard disk drive. Priced at only $49.00, MultiStage Recovery lets users recover ALL recoverable files at an amazing scanning speed. The data recovery tool supports all Windows files systems, comes with a built-in preview for over 60 file formats and is delivered in a clean, friendly interface that has the familiar Windows Explorer layout.

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Designed as do-it-yourself data recovery software, MultiStage Recovery will restore all file types including audio, images, and documents. It supports all FAT12 / VFAT / 16 / 32 and NTFS / NTFS5 file systems running Microsoft Windows. The data recovery tool can help users restore precious data if files are lost due to a virus, malicious hacker attack or an operating system crash, in which a hard disk drive has not experienced physical damage. This low-cost recovery solution is able to restore files from any brand of hard disk drive and type of storage media, including hard disks, floppy disks, flash drives, and digital camera cards.

“With the cost of hard drive recovery services ranging from $600 to $7,000 to restore data with a wait of at least a week, more and more people are turning their heads to the so-called do-it-yourself recovery solutions like our MultiStage Recovery,” says Ivan Grynko, CEO of Enplase Research. “MultiStage Recovery will recover all recoverable files, saving you hundreds of dollars that would otherwise be spent on expensive in-lab recovery services. At $49.00, it’s a true bargain even if compared to the similar software for data recovery.”

I have tried like 15 other recovery programs to recover about 500 pictures but to no success,” commented one of the Enplase’s customers. “MultiStage Recovery from Enplase Research is something that really worked. I was surprised because the program found deleted things even from 2005! I thought they were long gone!

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Please, visit the data recovery tool's web site, download MultiStage Recovery and learn in advance exactly which files can be recovered before you purchase it.

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