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MultiStage Recovery has established itself as one of the leading software brands in file recovery software due to its power, reliability and ease-of-use. The motto of MultiStage Recovery is "functionality without compromise".

The key features of the program are:

1. Support for the most digital storage devices

MultiStage Recovery is a universal data rescue tool that supports hard drives, flash drives, floppy disks, external USB drives, digital camera cards, removable mobile phone cards, and removable multimedia cards (eg XD, TransFlash, MMC, SD, MicroSD). In fact, it can be used with any storage device that displays a drive letter (or any logical drive that is recognized). Multistage Recovery is therefore a must-have solution even in the most difficult situations – for instance, when data needs to be recovered from several drives.

2. Support for all Windows file systems (FAT12/FAT16/FAT32/VFAT and NTFS/NTFS5)

There is a lot of undelete software available on the market today that only supports one type of file system. This is a substantial drawback as such software does not offer any flexibility. For example, if a flash drive is converted from FAT to NTFS, or vice versa, then such one-system software will no longer be able to work with the flash drive. Aside from the inconvenience and time wasted, it means that additional software has to be purchased for different file systems.

MultiStage Recovery supports all Windows file systems. This means that if you can work with a device using standard Windows explorer, then MultiStage Recovery can be used with this device. Therefore, it’s extremely versatile as it is can be used in all circumstances.

3. Detecting and rescuing all files that are software recoverable

MultiStage Recovery can rescue every file that is capable of being recovered. Unlike one method in other similar programs, the software has three effective file undelete methods, providing comprehensive detection of all recoverable files:
  • Default scan – the most effective method in most cases. It finds displaced chains in the file system.
  • Search for missing NTFS files – This method is more time consuming than the default scan but detects files from formatted NTFS partitions and can recover names
  • Search for missing FAT files – This method only performs a search for lost files and folders on FAT volumes
  • Low level file search – This is used when a partition has been formatted and may have new software installed.

4. Browsing of deleted files with search and preview

MultiStage Recovery has a built-in preview system. This means that you can preview files prior to recovery (eg images, sound, music and text files) without the help of other software. This simplifies navigation and enables a data validity check.

6. Interface

MultiStage Recovery is easy-to-use, due to the user-friendly interface.

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